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Professional assembled instrument cable with 2 * S290BK - PROEL Ø 6.3 mm rubber covered Mono jack plug connections and HPC110BK. Black colour. 10 m length. Made in Italy
  • Model: STAGE110
  • Weight: 0.48Kg
  • EAN: 8032496038627
  • This product has a minimum quantity of 1
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The STAGE INNOVATION series of cables represents an important step in the market of pre-assembled leads - for the professional user who is looking for the perfect match of high quality at an affordable price. At PROEL we recognise just how important it is to have a cable that is both reliable and long lasting. Made from high quality materials and manufactured to the highest criteria, STAGE INNOVATION can meet these requirements. Featuring the best PROEL metal connectors, STAGE INNOVATION stands alone for it’s highly professional, ergonomic characteristics and a modern and extremely aggressive look. The result? A high quality professional cable that you can rely on for many years

Length:10 m
Connectors: S290, S290
Cable: HPC110
Colours Available: Black (blank), Blue (BL), Red (RD)