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TRUSS QUADRO 29 square section structure features a 290 mm long side and cast aluminium end-plate. These features give the structure greatly increased sturdiness, with a relevant increase of the antitorsion parameters.

  • Model: PLMQ030
  • Weight: 18.90Kg
  • EAN: 8032496155454
  • This product has a minimum quantity of 1
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The structure is made of extruded aluminium AlMgSil with name EN AW 6082 T6 HB 90 (UNI 9006) featuring transverse sections with a 50 mm diameter and a 2 mm thickness. Diagonal braces are made of extruded aluminium P-Al-Mg-S with name 6060 HB 60 (UNI 9006) with a 20 mm diameter and a 2 mm thickness. The end-plates are made of cast aluminium GLASI 10 Cul. The solution of the uninterrupted fret pattern gives the structure a good aesthetic impact: as such it can also be used in small areas. The suqare section truss with 29 cm long side features two kinds of connection: by means of spigots, pins and split pins for quick connection, code PLQSET02PLUS, and by means of nuts and bolts, code PLQSET01M10.

Dimension: 29x300 cm
Type: linear truss
Diagonal tubes dimension: Ø 20x2 mm
Lenghtways tubes dimension: Ø 50x2 mm
Side:29 cm