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Flute Master, cloded hole, french style, 810MKII

Flute Master, cloded hole, french style, 810MKII
Extended Warranty
Flute Master, cloded hole, french style, 810MKII


Intermediate Flute, Covered keys French style, Nickel-silver Head-joint & body, C foot-joint, Silver plated finish, G off-set, E mechanism, Wooden case with bag. Accessories: grease, care cloth, rod stick.

  • Model: GR 810MKII
  • Weight: 1.40Kg
  • Dimensions: 55.00cm x 42.00cm x 32.00cm
  • EAN: 8032496162377
  • Warranty Extension: 4 Years
  • This product has a minimum quantity of 1
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The Ida Maria Grassi Closed Hole Master Flute is ideal for those looking for an intermediate instrument with a very stable and fluid action. Designed for great projection. The flute has an excellent intonation and is easy to play on all registers. The E  mechanism further facilitates the emission and the G off-set is ideal for those with small hands. The French-type mechanics ensure perfect closure of the pads.
The flute is equipped with all the accessories for those who start playing: case, cleaning cloth and stick.
All Ida Maria Grassi instruments have a 4-year warranty upon registration on the website: PRODUCT REGISTRATION

  • Key: C
  • Key types: Covered Keys, Pointed key Arms
  • Headjoint: Alpacca Silver-plated
  • Footjoint: C
  • Body: Alpacca Silver-plated
  • G key: Offset
  • E Mechanism: Included
  • Pads: Traditional Pads
  • Case: Professional
  • Accessories: Cleaning cloth, stick

Designed & Engineered by Proel

Manufacturer: Proel - Made in China