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Archer B2 - KIT

Archer B2 - KIT
Archer B2 - KIT


Archer Beam B2 KIT
Kit of 4 beams moving heads
Lamp Sirius 2R Osram 132W
1 wheel 12 Colors
1 wheel 16 fixed gobos
8 facet rotating prism
5 facet rotating prism
DMX control
flightcase and lamp (included)

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Archer Beam B2 is a moving head which adopts a new 132W Osram discharge lamp lasting more than 6000hours. The light source reaches a 2,5° beam angle with over 4.000 lux at 10mt. Archer Beam B2 stands out from traditional moving heads projectors thanks to its outstanding brightness. A new technology driving the Pan and Tilt motors, together with the small size of the unit, guarantee a working speed never achieved before in the lighting industry. Brightness and speed give life to an 8kg compact body. The range of effects that the customer can enjoy is extremely diverse. From today on, Entertainment Operators can create multi-size projects that are cost effective and always enjoying the best effects in the industry.

Light source

• Metal Halide Lamp Osram SIRIUS HRI 132W

• Color temperature: 9000K


• Projection angle zoom from 2,5 °

• Electronic focus

• Brightness: 45.000 LUX@10m

Color system

• Color wheel 12 dichroic filters + white (CTO – CTB)


• Fixed gobo wheel with 13 static gobos (9 gobos + 4 beam reducers)

• Gobo scroll effects at variable speed

• Circular prism 8 facet with bidirectional rotation and indexable

• Linear prism 5 facet with bidirectional rotation and indexable

• Frost filter

• Linear dimmer from 0 to 100

• High speed strobe effect

• Random strobo effect

Control and programming

• 2 DMX configurations available: 14/16 channels

• Control signal USITT DMX512

• Wireless DMX by Wireless Solution ready (kit not included)

• Selectable 8/16bit Pan & Tilt resolution

• Function reset controlled by DMX control

Structure and cabinet

• Metal internal structure with hi-resistance ABS cover

• High resolution LCD colour display

• Pan angle 540°

• Tilt angle 270°

• Mounting points 1 pairs of 1/4-turn locks omega older

• Automatic repositioning of Pan and Tilt

• Pan&Tilt movement lock system

• XLR 3-poles DMX IN/OUT connection

• IP rating 20

• Controlled cooling system

Power supply

• Input Voltage: AC~100-240V 50/60Hz

• Switching power supply unit

• Max power: 160W @ 230VAC

• Power connection with PowerCon IN/OUT connectors

Weight and dimensions

• Net weight: 9 kg

• Dimensions (L x A x P): mm. 260x400x181