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Studio quality USB 2.0 audio interface with 2 In & 2 Out for home or mobile recording. High resolution 24-bit/192KHz converters. Zero latency DIRECT MONITORING with STEREO/MONO switch. AUX minijack input/output for direct smartphone podcasting

  • Model: EKSBIPRO
  • Weight: 0.15Kg
  • EAN: 8032496912897
  • Warranty Extension: 4 Years
  • This product has a minimum quantity of 1
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SBi-PRO is an USB audio interface designed to offer studio quality for home or mobile recording, live stream or podcasting. Utilizing high-grade components, premium circuitry and a compact and rugged design, it provides a full set of features and top performances for musicians, songwriters content creators and podcasters.

  • Two XLR/TRS inputs with HI-Z switch for recording vocals and instrument together or stereo sources
  • High-definition MIC preamps with extended dynamic range and 48V phantom power
  • 2-in + 2-out high-resolution 24-bit/192KHz USB2.0 interface for a flawless audio quality
  • Zero-latency DIRECT MONITORING with STEREO/MONO selector and mixing control between input signals and DAW playback
  • Analog outputs for connecting studio monitors
  • Headphones output with separate level control
  • Minijack AUX input/output for recording or podcasting applications directly on tablet or smartphone
  • USB bus powered for easy mobile recording
  • Rugged, road-proof aluminum chassis for maximum protection
Microphone Preamp
TypeXLR female, balanced
Frequency Response (±3.0 dB)10 Hz to 22 kHz
Input Impedance (Balanced)1,32 kΩ
THD+N (unwtd, 1 kHz @ +4 dBu Output, Unity Gain)< 0.005%
S/N Ratio (Unity Gain, Ref. = +4 dBu, 20 Hz to 22 kHz)> 99 dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio (1 kHz, 40 dB Gain)> 65 dB
Gain Control Range (± 1 dB)0 dB to 45 dB
Max Input Level (Unity Gain, 1 kHz @ 0.1% THD+N)-2 dBu
Phantom Power (±2 VDC)+48 VDC
Line Input
Max Input Level (Unity Gain, 1 kHz @ 0.1% THD+N)+22 dBu
TypeJACK ¼" TRS female, balanced
Input Impedance15 kΩ
Instrument Input
Max Input Level (Unity Gain, 1 kHz @ 0.1% THD+N)+22 dBu
TypeJACK ¼" TS female, unbalanced
Input Impedance1 MΩ
Line Outputs
TypeJACK ¼" TRS female, balanced
Output Impedance600Ω
Headphone Output
TypeJACK ¼" TRS active stereo
Maximum Output50 mW/ch. @ 32Ω Load
Frequency Response (±1.0 dB)10 Hz - 25 kHz
Digital Audio
ADC Dynamic Range (A-wtd, 48 kHz Sample Rate)108 dB
DAC Dynamic Range (A-wtd, 48 kHz Sample Rate)109 dB
Bit Depth16 / 24 /32
Reference Level for 0 dBFS+10 dBu
Internal Sample Frequency Selections (kHz)44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192
PowerUSB bus-powered
Height52 mm (2.05")
Depth106 mm (4.17")
Width160 mm (6.30")
Weight0.55 kg (1.21 lbs)